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Characterization of EV71-HP and EV71-CCA.

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posted on 2017-09-22, 17:36 authored by Yong-Xin Zhang, Yu-Ming Huang, Quan-Jie Li, Xiao-Yu Li, Yong-Dong Zhou, Fei Guo, Jin-Ming Zhou, Shan Cen

(A) Comparison of the cytopathic effects induced by transfection of the genomic RNA of EV71. CPE was monitored at 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours post transfection. (B) Growth kinetics of the two EV71 strains in Vero cells. Virions were collected at the indicated times and then titrated in theTCID50 assay. All experiments were performed in triplicates. At each time point, titers are means of three samples. Error bars represent SEM. (C) Plaque phenotypes of EV71-HP and EV71-CCA. Infected cells were incubated for 7 days before staining with 0.01% neutral red. (D) Comparison of plaque sizes of EV71-HP and EV71-CCA. Mean plaque size was determined by sampling 20 plaques.