Characterisation of transcripts

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Taken from "Bidirectional transcription of a novel chimeric gene mapping to mouse chromosome Yq"

BMC Evolutionary Biology 2007;7():171-171.

Published online 24 Sep 2007


: Structure of as a chimera of relict partial , and loci (not to scale). Arrows indicate orientation of the relict loci. Exons are coloured according to their origin. : Structure of transcripts found in the nr database. : Primer locations used to characterise splice variants (sequences given in ) : Structure of variant transcripts detected in the screen. The primer pairs which amplify each variant form are indicated. Exons 3a and 3b are short forms of derived exon S3, and are variably included in transcripts. Of note is that the majority of splice variant forms do not conform to the splicing patterns of the known transcripts shown in panel . + indicates "forward" transcripts - indicates the "reverse" transcript detected with primer pair N1.f/N2.r2



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