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Changes in amplitude of tension recovery and tension immediately before release in high-Ca rigor solution.

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posted on 01.09.2016, 04:30 by Haruo Sugi, Maki Yamaguchi, Tetsuo Ohno, Takakazu Kobayashi, Shigeru Chaen, Hiroshi Okuyama

The fiber was subjected to repeated releases. Values of Trec (filled circles) and the tension immediately before release To (open circles) are plotted against time in high-Ca rigor solution. Tension changes in the fiber in response to the first to the ninth release-restretch cycles are shown in the inset. Note that Trec decreases by ~65% for the first 10min in rigor solution, and then remains almost unchanged over many minutes until it eventually disappears, while To decreases continuously with time in rigor solution.