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Changes in NAA concentrations and symptom severity.

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posted on 2019-07-19, 17:35 authored by Ravi Bansal, David J. Hellerstein, Siddhant Sawardekar, Joseph O’Neill, Bradley S. Peterson

Left Column: Using repeated measures analyses, we assessed within duloxetine-treated patients how NAA concentrations changed with changes in symptom severity. These analyses showed that in general the change in NAA concentrations were positively associated with the change in symptom severity: i.e., NAA concentrations decreased towards healthy values as symptom severity decreased in duloxetine-treated patients. Right Column: We subsequently applied longitudinal mediation analyses to assess whether changes in symptom severity mediated the treatment effects on changes in NAA concentration. These analyses showed that symptom severity significantly mediated the change in NAA concentrations as a consequence of treatment in the caudate nucleus (CN) and putamen (PUT). Mediation analyses provided no statistical evidence for the alternate hypothesis, that the change in NAA concentrations mediated the treatment effects on change in symptom severity. All maps are FDR-corrected at p<0.05, and analyses included age and sex as covariates. We subsequently applied a cluster threshold that suppressed all findings of spatial extent smaller than 100 contiguous voxels. Positive associations were coded in warm colors (orange and red); inverse associations were coded in cool colors (cyan and blue). Abbreviations: R, Right Hemisphere; L, Left Hemisphere; NAA, N-acetyl Aspartate; CC, corpus callosum; sCR, superior corona radiata; CN, caudate nucleus; aCR, anterior corona radiata; Ins, insular, Th, thalamus; LN, lenticular nucleus (putamen and globus pallidus); pCR, posterior corona radiata.