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Cells successfully engrafted into livers and longer perfusion times correlated with increased distribution in the vasculature.

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posted on 2019-12-02, 18:44 authored by Ling-Yee Chin, Cailah Carroll, Siavash Raigani, Danielle M. Detelich, Shannon N. Tessier, Gregory R. Wojtkiewicz, Stephen P. Schmidt, Ralph Weissleder, Heidi Yeh, Korkut Uygun, Biju Parekkadan

Near-infrared imaging of cells after infusion into livers under (A) 2-hour total perfusion, (B) 4-hour total perfusion, (C) 6-hour total perfusion. Pseudocolor indicates arbitrary intensity of cells in a given region with red-to-blue corresponding to highest-to-lowest intensity.