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Cell cycle regulated protein kinases and RNA binding proteins.

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posted on 12.12.2019, 18:28 by Corinna Benz, Michael D. Urbaniak

Changes in protein or phosphorylation site abundance relative to EG1. Orange–protein; Purple hues–phosphorylation sites. A. CRK3 protein, Y34 and T33. B. CYC6 protein, S13, S17, S111, S47 and S59. C. WEE1 S101. D. PLK protein, S338 and T469. E. RCK protein and S344. F. MAPK6 proteins and Y176, G. PUF9 protein and S617. H. RMM1 protein and S98. I. SLBP2 S221, T3 and T400. For clarity only CCR phosphorylation sites are shown.