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Cell apoptosis in the testes demonstrated by TUNEL after RNAi for 24 days.

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posted on 30.06.2017 by Dandan Yang, Zhifeng Zhang, Shaoshuai Liang, Qiankun Yang, Yingrui Wang, Zhenkui Qin

Positive signals are indicated in brown. (a)-(c), blank group; (d)-(f), dsKLF4 group; (g)-(i), the hermaphroditic gonad in the dsKLF4 group; (b), (e), (h), magnified images of the gonads; (c), (f), (i), negative control without terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase of TUNEL experiment. Sg, spermatogonium; Sc, spermatocyte; St, spermatid; Sz, spermatozoon; Og, oogonium; Oc, oocyte. Bar, 10 μm for (b), (e), (h); 20 μm for others.