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Catastrophic expenditure due to surgical care.

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posted on 31.10.2017, 17:47 authored by Geoffrey A. Anderson, Lenka Ilcisin, Peter Kayima, Lenard Abesiga, Noralis Portal Benitez, Joseph Ngonzi, Mayanja Ronald, Mark G. Shrime

Depending on method of calculation and whether only direct medical or all direct costs are considered, between 7% and 32% of all interviewed patients had a catastrophic expenditure. Patients who underwent a procedure other than a cesarean section were more likely to undergo a catastrophic expenditure by either definition. When calculated as in 40% of yearly non-food expenses direct medical costs were different at p = 0.0001, and total direct costs p = 0.0001; when calculated as 10% of total yearly expenses, direct medical costs were different at p = 0.0002, and total direct costs p = 0.0034.