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CVB1 release is polarized towards the epithelial lumen.

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posted on 01.02.2017, 17:31 by Remi Villenave, Samantha Q. Wales, Tiama Hamkins-Indik, Efstathia Papafragkou, James C. Weaver, Thomas C. Ferrante, Anthony Bahinski, Christopher A. Elkins, Michael Kulka, Donald E. Ingber

(A) Graph showing quantitation of viral loads in the effluents of the apical (epithelial) versus basal (vascular) microchannels after basal infection of the gut chips with CVB1 at an MOI of 0.2 (*p < 0.05 compared to 0–6 hpi). (B) Confocal fluorescence micrographs of apically and basally infected gut chips at 6 and 24 hpi, showing horizontal sections at the base, middle and top of the villi (left to right columns). Infected chips were stained for CVB1 (green) and nuclei (blue); bar, 100 μm.