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CD163 expression is induced by Leishmania infection of neutrophils.

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posted on 29.03.2017 by Ricardo Luís Louzada Silva, Marcio B. Santos, Priscila L. S. Almeida, Thayse S. Barros, Lucas Magalhães, Rodrigo A. Cazzaniga, Patrícia R. M. Souza, Nívea F. Luz, Jaqueline França-Costa, Valeria M. Borges, Djalma S. Lima-Junior, Michael W. Lipscomb, Malcolm S. Duthie, Steven G. Reed, Roque Pacheco Almeida, Amélia Ribeiro Jesus

(A) Gating strategy for the analysis of neutrophil phenotypes. Neutrophils were purified from healthy donors and infected with GFP-expressing L. amazonensis (5 parasites: 1 neutrophil) in RPMI 1640 plus 10% FBS. (B) 3h after infection, neutrophils were characterized by flow cytometry and data analyzed by FlowJo software (in duplicate, n = 5 experiments). Green and black bars represent, respectively, the GFP positive and negative cells. The white bars represent non-exposed group (unstimulated). The mean ± SD of parental percentage of GFP+, GFP- and non-exposed cells were compared by Friedman paired test with Dunn’s post test.