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C57BL/6 mice chronically infected with the ME-49 Toxoplasma gondii strain survive and show weight and muscle strength loss.

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posted on 05.10.2021, 17:27 by Leda Castaño Barrios, Ana Paula Da Silva Pinheiro, Daniel Gibaldi, Andrea Alice Silva, Patrícia Machado Rodrigues e Silva, Ester Roffê, Helton da Costa Santiago, Ricardo Tostes Gazzinelli, José Roberto Mineo, Neide Maria Silva, Joseli Lannes-Vieira

(A) Mice were infected with 5 cysts of the ME-49 T. gondii strain, the clinical follow-up and the mortality were assessed and recorded weekly, and the kinetics of infection was evaluated at 30, 60 and 90 dpi. (B) The survival curve shows a survival of 100% at 30 and 60 dpi, and 83% (19/24) at 90 dpi, compared to 100% in the age- and sex-matched NI control group. (C) Infected mice showed body weight loss during the acute phase of the infection (up to 15 dpi), after this period, the weight loss ceased. (D) Muscle strength was compromised in infected mice; values of muscle strength are shown as gram force (gf) / body weight (g). Each experimental group consisted of 4–6 NI mice and 10–19 T. gondii-infected mice. Each circle represents an individual mouse. Data are expressed as means ± SEM, and were analyzed using Welch’s test (C), and ordinary one-way ANOVA (D). **, p<0.01. ***, p<0.001, comparing T. gondii-infected and NI mice.