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Brg1 amplifies gene transcriptional activation at the MBT.

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posted on 2017-05-12, 17:23 authored by Gabriele Wagner, Nishant Singhal, Dario Nicetto, Tobias Straub, Elisabeth Kremmer, Ralph A. W. Rupp

(A) Prototypic changes in mRNA pools during zygotic genome activation. (B) Global transcriptome analysis at pre-MBT and post-MBT timepoints from X. tropicalis embryos. (C) Box plot illustrating the response of RNA pools in BMO1 morphants versus control morphants. Note that overall zygotically activated genes are reduced upon Brg1 knockdown. (D) Heatmap providing mean expression levels at pre- and postMBT timepoints for genes of the GO-term “pattern specification process”, ranked by magnitude of activation (log2-fold change). Red asterisk mark genes that were more than 1.5-fold downregulated in BMO1 morphant embryos compared to control morphant siblings. (E) Pie Diagram for the “highly” upregulated at MBT” gene class (mRNA increases more than 5.65 fold; n = 324 genes). In response to Brg1 protein knockdown, nearly 42% of them (n = 135) were not activated to their full amplitude.