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Body Weight and Experimental Design of Weight Perturbation Studies.

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posted on 20.01.2017 by Michael V. Morabito, Yann Ravussin, Bridget R. Mueller, Alicja A. Skowronski, Kazuhisa Watanabe, Kylie S. Foo, Samuel X. Lee, Anders Lehmann, Stephan Hjorth, Lori M. Zeltser, Charles A. LeDuc, Rudolph L. Leibel

Weight curves are presented for LF (solid circles; N = 18), HF (white squares; N = 16), CR (grey solid triangles; N = 20), and HF-LF (white diamonds; N = 25) mice (mean +/- SEM). Timing of physiological analyses is indicated by a black rectangle (48–51 weeks). Significant difference from LF is indicated by barred solid (HF), dashed (CR), and dotted lines (HF-LF); body weight of both CR and HF-LF groups were significantly different (P<0.0001) from HF mice at all time-points beside the initial time point for each mouse group. *** P<0.001.