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Blocking of ICAM-1 and/or B7-2 prevents Pom-induced increases in T-cell activation.

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posted on 07.01.2021, 19:26 by Prabha Shrestha, David A. Davis, Hannah K. Jaeger, Alexandra Stream, Ashley I. Aisabor, Robert Yarchoan

PEL cells grown for 48 hours in the presence of DMSO ctrl (0μM Pom) or indicated concentrations of Pom were treated with anti-ICAM-1 Ab, anti-B7-2 Ab, both anti-ICAM-1 and anti-B7-2 antibodies, or appropriate isotype control (IgG1 for anti-ICAM-1 Ab and IgG2 for anti-B7-2 Ab), at a 10ug/mL final concentration each for 30 minutes and then co-incubated for 6 hours with IL2-Jurkat T-cells in the presence of 2.5μg/mL anti CD3 antibody. Results indicate average RLU from IL2-Jurkat cells coincubated with BCBL-1 (A) or JSC-1 (B) cells and error bars represent standard deviation from 3 independent experiments. Statistically significant differences (*p≤0.05, ns not significant paired 2-tailed t-test) are indicated.