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Bland Altman plots demonstrating interobserver variability of measurements.

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posted on 11.06.2019, 17:30 by Martin J. Schmidt, Gerhard Steenkamp, Klaus Failing, Peter Caldwell, Robert M. Kirberger

Graphical presentation of comparison of two measurements of different cranial and dental parameters (pulp size, cranial length, skull length, facial length, condylobasal length cranial width, skull width, hard palate length) in Bland-Altman plots. The reproducibility of measurements of two observers is demonstrated. The differences between the two measurements (black dots) are plotted against the averages of the differences. The blue box indicate the lower and upper limits of agreement (mean difference ± 2x standard deviations). 95% of all differences were within two standard deviations, representing excellent reproducibility. Outliers are marked as a red dot.