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Binding rate of the hexameric model (Model 6), γhexa.

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posted on 2022-03-07, 18:39 authored by Shin-ichi Koda, Shinji Saito

All rate constants are normalized by kh. (A-B) 2D plots of γhexa as a function of ke and . The yellow region in (A) is magnified in (B). Blue and orange squares correspond to the best-fit parameters of KaiC-WT and KaiC-EE. Contours are plotted every 0.25 in (A) and 0.1 in (B). (C) The relaxation rate of Eq (11) γhexa (solid curve) and the coefficient α in Eq (12). (D) Percent error of the perturbative approximation of γhexa shown in Eq (13). Blue and orange squares are the same as (B). Contours are plotted every 0.2%.