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BiFC assay of the interaction between TbDMP and TbDBK in tobacco (Nicotiana benthamiana) leaves.

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posted on 20.11.2020, 18:27 by Jie Yang, Mingyu Liu

TbDMP and TbDBK were introduced into pSYPNE or pSYPCE vectors, respectively, fused with N-terminal or C-terminal YFP. Pairs of TbDMP—YFPc+YFPn, TbDBK -YFPn+YFPc, and TbDBM1-YFPc+ TbDBK -YFPn were used as negative control. Immunoblots on the right side obtained using HA or c-Myc antibody for the tag at C-terminal and N-terminal YFP, respectively, showing the expression of various fusion proteins. Bars = 20 μm.