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Bacterial survival of clinical strains of MSSA, MRSA, and S. pyogenes on unused Cookers/Filters containing Hydromorphone-CR solution or sterile water control.

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posted on 2019-08-09, 17:33 authored by Katherine J. Kasper, Iswarya Manoharan, Brian Hallam, Charlotte E. Coleman, Sharon L. Koivu, Matthew A. Weir, John K. McCormick, Michael S. Silverman

All Cookers/Filters underwent an initial wash with bacteria-spiked water for 5 minutes and were subsequently left dry at room temperature before a second five minute wash was performed at either 1 hour or 24 hours. Both (A) MSSA and (B) MRSA survived significantly better in Hydromorphone-CR than in the water vehicle control when the second wash happens after 24 hours. (C) S. pyogenes was not isolated from the drug equipment after 24 hours. Significance assessed by one way Anova with Tukey’s correction for multiple comparisons. ***P<0.001, NSD indicates no statistically significant difference. D = Drug, (Hydromorphone-CR), ND = No drug (sterile water vehicle control).