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Bacterial community composition of respiratory microbiota in 36 human subjects.

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posted on 07.12.2017, 18:48 by Jun Hang, Nela Zavaljevski, Yu Yang, Valmik Desai, Richard C. Ruck, Louis R. Macareo, Richard G. Jarman, Jaques Reifman, Robert A. Kuschner, Paul B. Keiser

Bacterial genera with an average relative abundance of ≥0.5% across the 36 samples are shown. Reads that were classified at the higher taxonomic levels other than genus are denoted as “other”. Each sample name includes the quarter number S1–S4 (first digit), visit 1 or 2 (second digit), subject number (last three digits), and type of swab (A, anterior nares [top panel]; N, nasopharynx [middle panel]; T, oropharynx [bottom panel]).