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Background-corrected particle counts comparing facemask treatments within the enclosed box.

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posted on 16.12.2020, 20:08 authored by Emily L. Kolewe, Zachary Stillman, Ian R. Woodward, Catherine A. Fromen

Measurements shown in each row for the six particle size bins are shaded and grouped by facemask type, including No Mask, Sewn, SewnF, SewnPC, Surgical, N95L and N95T. Axes are scaled to each respective range, and gray bullet points at the baseline indicate negative corrected counts. Error bars indicate the sample standard deviation for particle counts in each of the respective particle size bins from three independent measurements. A 2-factor MANOVA and subsequent 2-factor ANOVAs were performed in addition to Tukey's Honest Significant Difference tests; p-values, relevant parameters, and analysis are shown as interactive maps and graphs included in S2 File.