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BLF chemokine/cytokine profiles of rats exposed to different doses of 1-NN ± O at the 2-hr time point

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posted on 31.12.2011, 02:39 by Kara R. Schmelzer, Åsa M. Wheelock, Katja Dettmer, Dexter Morin, Bruce D. Hammock

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Taken from "The Role of Inflammatory Mediators in the Synergistic Toxicity of Ozone and 1-Nitronaphthalene in Rat Airways"

Environmental Health Perspectives 2006;114(9):1354-1360.

Published online 22 Jun 2006


This is an Open Access article: verbatim copying and redistribution of this article are permitted in all media for any purpose, provided this notice is preserved along with the article's original DOI

Abbreviations: LIX, LPS inducing factor; MCP, monocyte chemoattractant protein; MIP, macrophage inflammatory protein; TIMP, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases; VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor. Circled regions in the upper left and lower right portions of the arrays indicate positive and negative controls, whereas the rectangles indicate cytokines that showed selective responses to 1-NN ± O. () Control rats ( = 4, pooled sample; exposure group 1, filtered air without 1-NN). () Individual rat (exposure group 4, filtered air and 12.5 mg/kg 1-NN). () Individual rat (exposure group 7, filtered air and 50 mg/kg 1-NN). () Individual rat (exposure group 13, O-tolerant rats exposed to 12.5 mg/kg 1-NN). Analysis of the arrays revealed an increase in levels of certain cytokines and chemokines in response to different concentrations of 1-NN (). An individual cytokine/chemokine had to be present in 75% of the samples to be considered increased; for example IFN-γ is visable in () but was not present in 75% of the samples, and is therefore not considered increased above control. Also, a different set of cytokines/chemokines are present in (). () are representative of multiple experiments, all of which gave similar results. () Array map for the panel of 19 secreted cytokines/chemokines from Ray Biotec. In () and (), the boxes indicate the cytokines and chemokines that differ in response to 50 mg/kg 1-NN plus filtered air exposure (gray boxes in and ) or 12.5 mg/kg 1-NN plus O exposure (blue boxes in and ), No statistical significance was found in animal weight or in BLF protein concentration among the various groups ( < 0.05).


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