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Average dose volume histograms for the entire cohort of 60 patients comparing RapidPlan based (RP) vs. manually optimized (CL) plans.

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posted on 22.05.2017 by Carolin Schubert, Oliver Waletzko, Christian Weiss, Dirk Voelzke, Sevda Toperim, Arnd Roeser, Silvia Puccini, Marc Piroth, Christian Mehrens, Jan-Dirk Kueter, Kirsten Hierholz, Karsten Gerull, Antonella Fogliata, Andreas Block, Luca Cozzi

The solid (dashed) lines are the averages for the CL (RP) data while the inter-patient variability at 1.5 standard deviation is represented by the dotted lines. On average the RP plans proved to be moderately better than the CL plans in the mean to high dose range.