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Autoreactive Treg and Tconv percentages between NOD and NOD CNS1-/- mice.

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posted on 2019-10-24, 17:29 authored by Daniel R. Holohan, Frédéric Van Gool, Jeffrey A. Bluestone

Representative tetramer staining plots of CD4+Foxp3- Tconvs (A) and CD4+Foxp3+ Tregs (B) for insulin peptide InsB 9:23 and hybrid insulin peptide (HIP) fusion of insulin and chromogranin A show differential tetramer binding between Tregs and Tconvs. Tetramer staining within pancreatic islets for InsB:9–23 p8E (n = 7) (C) and InsB:9–20 p8G (n = 10) (D) variants and Ins:ChgA HIP2.5 (n = 9) (E) and Ins:IAPP2 HIP6.9 (n = 7) (F) is quantified and compared between NOD and NOD CNS1-/- pre-diabetic females aged 8–13 weeks (* = p < .05; ** = p < .005).