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Automated measurement of fetal head circumference using 2D ultrasound images - Fig 5

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posted on 23.08.2018, 17:34 by Thomas L. A. van den Heuvel, Dagmar de Bruijn, Chris L. de Korte, Bram van Ginneken

A: Perfect pixel classifier likelihood map where only the fetal skull has a high probability (depicted in white) and the background a low probability (depicted in gray). The pixels outside of the FOV are depicted in black. The center detected by the hough transform is depicted in purple and the radial offset is depicted in green. This schematic example uses eight angles (Nangles) for the polar transform (depicted in blue). The sampling distance (Sdis) is depicted in red. B: The output of the polar transform. The dynamic programming algorithm is used to extract the shortest path from left to right.