Associations between TPA and metabolite measurements.

Associations between metabolites and TPA level (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) in the original (left) and replication (right) populations. Linear regression between each metabolite and TPA was performed. Raw p-values for unadjusted and adjusted models are shown. Fold change (with 95% CI) per one-unit increase in TPA level were calculated using the beta of the linear regression analysis of the unadjusted model. The blue bars mean lower concentrations and the red bars mean higher concentrations in highly active groups. Metabolites associated with TPA levels are shown in this figure (FDR p <0.05 for unadjusted model in the original population). Replication analysis was performed only for these metabolites. AAs, amino acids; CI, confidence interval. #Adjusted for age, BMI, smoking (never/former/current), current alcohol drinker (yes/no), and energy intake (high/low).