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Assessments of Historical Population Growth for Exocoetus volitans.

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posted on 13.10.2016, 17:57 by Eric A. Lewallen, Andrew J. Bohonak, Carolina A. Bonin, Andre J. van Wijnen, Robert L. Pitman, Nathan R. Lovejoy

(A) Mismatch distribution of cytochrome b sequence data for all individuals (n = 266) generated using Arlequin, v.3.5 [16] and DNAsp, v.5 [12]. Solid lines indicate observed frequencies of pairwise differences and dashed lines with circles indicate expected frequencies of pairwise differences. (B) Bayesian skyline plot of all cytochrome b sequences generated using BEAST, v.1.6.1 [25]. The solid line indicates the median change in population size over time, and the gray area represents the 95% confidence interval (CI). Note that on the y-axis # of individuals is an estimate of population size based on Neτ.