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Assessment of rBA differentiation.

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posted on 2016-07-20, 14:39 authored by María Calderon-Dominguez, David Sebastián, Raquel Fucho, Minéia Weber, Joan F. Mir, Ester García-Casarrubios, María Jesús Obregón, Antonio Zorzano, Ángela M. Valverde, Dolors Serra, Laura Herrero

(A) Oil Red O staining of rBA at different days of differentiation. (B) Quantification of the Oil Red O staining images. (C) Relative mRNA expression of brown (CIDEA, PGC1a, PRDM16, and Zic1) or beige adipocyte markers (CD137). (D) UCP1 protein expression. € Relative mRNA expression of the three CPT1 isoforms during rBA differentiation. The values represent the mean ± SEM of at least three independent experiments. *, #, § P < 0.05 compared with day 0 of differentiation of CPT1B, CPT1A and CPT1C, respectively.