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Application of PREDE to TCGA tumor samples.

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posted on 2020-11-30, 18:53 authored by Yufang Qin, Weiwei Zhang, Xiaoqiang Sun, Siwei Nan, Nana Wei, Hua-Jun Wu, Xiaoqi Zheng

(A) Relative proportions of seven immune cell types in different subtypes of BRCA, SKCM, and BLCA. (B) Heatmap shows the absolute proportions of several types of cancer cells and immune cells in breast cancer samples. (C-H) Kaplan-Meier survival curves for BRCA stratified by abundances of infiltrated Macrophage (C) and newly detected cell 3 (F), SKCM stratified by abundances of neutrophil (D) and newly detected cell 2 (G), and BLCA stratified by abundances of Macrophage (E) and newly detected cell 2 (H). Patients with the top 20th percentile of immune/cancer cells were compared with those with the bottom 20th percentile. P-values are obtained by the Log-rank test.