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Application comparison of two copy number signature extraction methods (our method and Macintyre et al. method) to ovary cancer with different sample size.

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posted on 2021-05-04, 17:38 authored by Shixiang Wang, Huimin Li, Minfang Song, Ziyu Tao, Tao Wu, Zaoke He, Xiangyu Zhao, Kai Wu, Xue-Song Liu

(A) The workflow of this analysis. Copy number data with different sample size are inputted into sigminer for matrix generation and signature extraction using two methods. (B, C) Signature profiles of different sample size generated through our method (B) and Macintyre et al. method (C) are shown. (D) Cosine similarity heatmaps for signatures extracted using our method. Cosine similarity analysis cannot be applied to signature profiles generated using Macintyre et al. method, because of unequal CNA components in ovarian cancer cohorts with different sample size.