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ApWJL and LpNC8 auxotrophies detected in liquid fly HD.

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posted on 2020-03-20, 17:31 authored by Jessika Consuegra, Théodore Grenier, Patrice Baa-Puyoulet, Isabelle Rahioui, Houssam Akherraz, Hugo Gervais, Nicolas Parisot, Pedro da Silva, Hubert Charles, Federica Calevro, François Leulier

(A) Heat map representing the mean ODMax reached by ApWJL or LpNC8 after 72 h of culture. Each line shows growth in a different version of the liquid HD: complete HD (first line) or HD lacking nutrient X (ΔX, lines below). Cultures were made in 96-well plates under agitation. Asterisks (*) pinpoint contradictions with our metabolic pathway automated annotations, which are explained in panel B. (B) Growth of LpNC8 in 4 versions of liquid HD: complete HD, HDΔThr, HDΔAla, and HDΔAsp in static conditions. Plot shows means with standard error based on 3 replicates by assay. Each dot represents an independent replicate. The dashed line represents the level of inoculation at t = 0 h (104 CFUs per mL). ApWJL, A. pomorumWJL; CFU, colony-forming unit; EAAFly, fly essential amino acid; HD, Holidic Diet; LpNC8, L. plantarumNC8; NALs, nucleic acids and lipids; NEAAFLY, fly nonessential amino acid; ODMax, maximal optical density.