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Antiplatelet treatment restores BBB function in EcoHIV-infected mice.

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posted on 17.03.2016, 23:56 by Letitia D. Jones, Joseph W. Jackson, Sanjay B. Maggirwar

Plasma concentrations of PF4 and sCD40L in EcoHIV infected mice were determined via ELISA following the treatment with either saline or eptifibatide (10 μg per mouse). As indicated, (A) PF4 (n = 6/group) and (B) sCD40L (n = 6/group) levels were found to be lower in eptifibatide-treated, infected mice compared to infected mice treated with saline. (C) Eptifibatide treatment of EcoHIV-infected mice (n = 6/group) increases the bleeding time. (D) Flow cytometry analysis of activated platelets (CD61+ CD62P+) after one mpi with EcoHIV shows that mice receiving eptifibatide have significantly lower percentage of CD62P+ platelets than saline-treated control mice (n = 6/group). (E) Sodium fluorescein (NaF) exclusion assay revealed that eptifibatide treatment, with i.p. injections every 3 days over the course of 7 days, prevented EcoHIV-induced loss of BBB permeability one mpi (n = 6/group). (F) At two mpi CD62P+ expression rebounded in infected mice when eptifibatide treatment was ceased (n = 6/group).