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Antibody binding to recombinant ChiA fragments.

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posted on 04.05.2020, 17:39 by Saima Rehman, Lubov S. Grigoryeva, Katherine H. Richardson, Paula Corsini, Richard C. White, Rosie Shaw, Theo J. Portlock, Benjamin Dorgan, Zeinab S. Zanjani, Arianna Fornili, Nicholas P. Cianciotto, James A. Garnett

ELISA analysis of anti-ChiA antibodies binding to either full-length ChiA (FL), the N-terminal domain of ChiA (NT), and the C-terminal domain of ChiA (CTD) (left panel) or the ChiA N-terminal subdomain 1 (N1), subdomain 2 (N2), and subdomain 3 (N3) (right panel). All values represent the mean and standard deviation from triplicate wells.