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Analytical size exclusion and UV-vis spectrum of purified native DPP3.

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posted on 07.08.2019, 17:26 authored by Paul Kaufmann, Matthias Muenzner, Mandy Kästorf, Karine Santos, Tobias Hartmann, Anke Dienelt, Linda Rehfeld, Andreas Bergmann

(A) Analytical Size Exclusion Chromatogram of native hDPP3. DPP3 purified via IAP and IEX was applied on a Shodex silica gel-size exclusion column with a flowrate of 0.5 mL/min. Fractions belonging to peaks 1 and 2 were collected and analyzed via SDS-PAGE (inlay). (B) UV-vis spectrum of purified native DPP3 in the range of 250-550nm. The spectrum was recorded in storage buffer at room temperature using DPP3 in a concentration of 324 μg/mL.