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Analysis of the terminal region essential for BmMasc function as identified in Katsuma et al. (2015) [19].

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posted on 2021-08-02, 17:40 authored by Sander Visser, Anna Voleníková, Petr Nguyen, Eveline C. Verhulst, František Marec

In addition to the masculinizing domain (blue), the shaded grey region in (A) shows a region essential for Masc protein function, coinciding with the proline-rich domain 2 (PRD-2) (green). This region of BmMasc was aligned to the functionally confirmed Masc protein sequences in other Lepidoptera (B). Apart from a tyrosine-asparagine motif (**), which is conserved in all species, the only conserved feature of this region is the relatively high proline (red) content. Apc, average proline content. Species used for this analysis: Bombyx mori (Bm), Trilocha varians (Tv), Agrotis ipsilon (Ai), Ephestia kuehniella (Ek), Ostrinia furnacalis (Of), and Plutella xylostella (Pxy).