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Analysis of changes in alternative splicing events following manipulation of Drosophila ELAV/Hu RBPs.

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posted on 2021-04-07, 17:39 authored by Seungjae Lee, Lu Wei, Binglong Zhang, Raeann Goering, Sonali Majumdar, Jiayu Wen, J. Matthew Taliaferro, Eric C. Lai

(A-B) The stacked bar plots categorize the numbers of all differential alternative splicing events involving internal exons. Note that exon skipping events are the most numerous category of alternative splicing event affected by Elav/Hu RBP manipulation. (A) Gain-of-function of ELAV/Hu RBPs in S2 cells. The effects of each WT ELAV/Hu RBP (Elav/Fne/Rbp9) were compared to their RNA binding defective counterparts (3X-Mut). (B) Loss of function of ELAV/Hu RBPs in 1st instar larval CNS (L1-CNS). Pairwise comparisons between wildtype Canton-S, single elav[5] null and double elav[5]/Δfne null mutants. (C) Distribution of ΔPSI values of the WT-GOF induced excluded (left) and included (right) exons were compared to the S2.