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Analysis of FRTL-5 cell response to UV-C irradiation following long-term BPA treatment.

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posted on 2016-03-16, 00:02 authored by Immacolata Porreca, Luisa Ulloa Severino, Fulvio D’Angelo, Danila Cuomo, Michele Ceccarelli, Lucia Altucci, Elena Amendola, Angela Nebbioso, Massimo Mallardo, Mario De Felice, Concetta Ambrosino

(A) Proliferation rate analysis of FRTL-5 cells treated for 28 days with 10−9 M BPA and then subjected to UV-C irradiation. Cells were counted every 24 hrs until 144 hrs post-irradiation. Population doubling was calculated as described in Materials and Methods. Data are reported as mean ± standard deviation of three independent experiments. (B) Quantification of DNA damage by comet assay. Data are reported as mean ± standard deviation of the tail intensity of around 100 cells analyzed for each point. (C) qRT-PCR analysis of the pattern of p21 transcript levels following UV-C irradiation. Data are reported as the ratio between p21 transcript levels in irradiated and control cells. The mean ± standard deviation of three independent experiments is reported. *p-value <0.05; **p-value <0.01. (D) Quantification of apoptotic cells by TUNEL staining. Data are reported as percentage of TUNEL positive cells per total cell number identified by DAPI staining. The results are expressed as mean ± standard deviation of several fields analyzed in three independent experiments.