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Analyses of inflammatory cell responses: Using images of Hoechst stained lumbar spinal cord sections captured at 20×magnification, the percentage of spinal cord area covered by cellular nuclei was measured using ImageJ, to indicate changes in cellularity

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posted on 15.10.2012, 02:42 by Melissa M. Gresle, Estella Alexandrou, Qizhu Wu, Gary Egan, Vilija Jokubaitis, Margaret Ayers, Anna Jonas, William Doherty, Anna Friedhuber, Gerry Shaw, Michael Sendtner, Ben Emery, Trevor Kilpatrick, Helmut Butzkueven

No differences were found between CNTF KO/LIF HET and CNTF KO/LIF KO mice during EAE day 15–16. Similarly, measures of the total area of inflammatory cell infiltrates in lumbar spinal cord sections captured at 5×magnification, showed no difference between the groups (B). Passive transfer EAE experiments showed no difference in EAE disease severity scores of CNTF WT/LIF WT recipient mice that received MOG primed T-lymphocytes harvested from CNTF KO/LIF HET or CNTF KO/LIF KO donor mice (C). Data are presented as mean ± SEM.