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An illustration of the dynamical state changes in the presence of a contract-tracing application.

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posted on 19.05.2021, 17:37 by Leslie Ann Goldberg, Joost Jorritsma, Júlia Komjáthy, John Lapinskas

The black arrows represent the transitions of the SEISeR model and the corresponding transitions in the notified versions of the states. After each time step, nodes move between the O-states (S), (E), (I), (Se) and (R) and the N-states (NS), (NE), (NI), (NSe) and (NR). Moves to N-states (depicted by red arrows) follow from CTA notifications. CTA users (nodes in ) receive such notifications when neighbouring CTA users show sufficient symptoms, thus transitioning from (I) to (Se) or from (NI) to (NSe). Nodes in blue states are required to self-quarantine so cannot spread infection. Moves to O-states (depicted by blue arrows) occur when a node has received no new notifications for T = 14 days.