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An 82-year-old man with primary hepatic angiosarcoma (case 6).

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posted on 11.11.2019, 18:31 by Wei-Hsin Yuan, Anna Fen-Yau Li, Hui-Chen Hsu, Yong-Sin Hu, Rheun-Chuan Lee

(A) Transverse pre-contrast computed tomography (CT) image shows a dominant low dense mass (thick arrow) in the right lobe with small intra-tumoral high density foci (thin arrows), which suggest hemorrhage. Another smaller tumor in the left lobe of the liver is also noted (arrowhead). (B) Coronal pre-contrast CT image with lung window depicts multiple lung metastases (arrows) in the bilateral lungs. (C) Transverse pre-contrast CT image shows a small low density nodule (arrow) in the right lobe of liver. The mean value of CT Hounsfield unit (HU) for the nodule (arrow) is 39, which is greater than water attenuation (0–20 HU). This study classifies the tumor pattern of case 6 as multiple nodules with a dominant mass in liver.