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Amino acid sequence alignment of putative copper sensing transcription factors.

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posted on 08.09.2017, 17:41 by William Clayton, Carla Jane Eaton, Pierre-Yves Dupont, Tim Gillanders, Nick Cameron, Sanjay Saikia, Barry Scott

CLUSTALW alignment of amino acid sequences showing the B12 SSR region (green box). The SSR is seen as repeated glutamine (Q) and histidine (H) residues. Gene IDs with associated GenBank protein accession numbers or gene models of protein homologues are: Epichloë typhina EfP3.020790; Epichloë festucae EfM3.020790; Epichloë brachyelytri EfP3.020790; Epichloë amarillans EfP3.020790; Epichloë glyceriae EfP3.020790; Claviceps paspali EfP3.020790; Periglandula ipomoeae EfP3.020790; Fusarium graminearum FGSG_08431.3 (XP_011320343); Neurospora crassa NCU04773.7 (XP_960222); Magnaporthe oryzae MGG_08875.6 (XP_003713900).