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Altered sleep profiles in AD female flies.

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posted on 29.07.2020, 17:41 by Yan-Ying Wang, Wei-Wei Ma, I-Feng Peng

(A) Typical sleep profiles of female AD and control files. AD flies tended to have shorter sleep in both LD and DD conditions. Male AD flies also have altered patterns (see S3 Fig). (B) Summary of total sleep time for both groups in specific time periods. (C-H) Comparison of LD and DD conditions in both strains and changes between strains under DD. DD data is presented against corresponding LD groups after normalization. Error bars indicate SEM. (C) Changes in total sleep: both groups of flies exhibited reduction in total sleep time in DD, but such change was greater in the AD group. (D) AD and control flies exhibit similar level of reduction in mean sleep. (E) AD flies had more reduction in maximum sleep. (F) Significant differences in the sleep frequency could be detected only in AD flies. (G) Both strains were more active under DD. (H) AD flies showed longer sleep latency. N numbers for control flies in LD, control flies in DD, AD flies in LD, and AD flies in DD: 90, 95, 87, and 87. Statistical methods are the same as in Fig 1.