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Allele must be present in bone marrow derived cells to mediate DBA/2J glaucoma-3

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posted on 31.12.2011 by Michael G Anderson, K Saidas Nair, Leslie A Amonoo, Adrienne Mehalow, Colleen M Trantow, Sharmila Masli, Simon WM John
Eld or phase illumination. GPNMB protein localization was imaged by fluorescent immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy (red). GPNMB is present in: multiple pigmented tissues of the eye, iris and pigmented epithelia of the ciliary body, and choroid. Iris of normal C57BL/6J mouse showing GPNMB (red) within cells labeled by F4/80 (green). An 8 micron Z-series composite demonstrating F4/80 labeling the border of a single cell (dashed white circle) containing GPNMB. BM derived dendritic cell from D2-marrow differentiated in cell culture showing punctate expression of GPNMB, () Negative controls were labelled and imaged with identical conditions and exhibited negligible signal. Eyes from D2 mice (homozygous for ) have no signal for GPNMB, an inset on right hand corner shows the brightfield image of the same section. BM derived dendritic cells from D2 mice have no staining for GPNMB. Scale bars A-F, I = 500 μm, G, H, J = 10 μm.

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Taken from "allele must be present in bone marrow derived cells to mediate DBA/2J glaucoma"


BMC Genetics 2008;9():30-30.

Published online 10 Apr 2008