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Alignment of representative PPD peptide sequences.

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posted on 2022-02-11, 18:29 authored by Ruth Cookson, Somrutai Winichayakul, Hong Xue, Kim Richardson, Roger Moraga, Aurelie Laugraud, Ambarish Biswas, Greg Bryan, Nick Roberts

PEAPOD proteins contain three regions that are highly conserved; these are indicated by the yellow background (PPD domain), blue background (TIFY domain) and green background (truncated Jas domain). Sequences include: A. thaliana (accession NP_567442.2), S. moellendorffii (accession XP_002964672), A. trichopoda (accession XP_006838952.1), P. abies (accession MA_99597G0010, congenie.org), T. repens (accession MZ736871) and M. acuminata (accession M0S6C8_MUSAM, Uniprotkb).