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Algorithm used to evaluate the appropriateness of the PEP administered as recorded in each SINAN form according to the guidelines of the Brazilian MoH.

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posted on 2019-08-05, 17:34 authored by Julio A. Benavides, Jane Megid, Aline Campos, Silene Rocha, Marco A. N. Vigilato, Katie Hampson

Rectangles show the Brazilian MoH’s recommendation (see S2 Table) based on the criteria filled on the SINAN form (circles). For patients requiring PEP and/or serum, the full algorithm included a further step discriminating between individuals that previously received complete PEP at least 90 days prior to the current exposure, in which case they did not need either vaccine or serum. Patients requiring serum and previously receiving a pre-exposure prophylaxis were considered as patients without previous PEP because the form does not include whether their titer levels were >0.5IU/ml, in which case serum is not recommended.