Akt inhibitors as an HIV-1 infected macrophage-specific anti-viral therapy-6

Reated (media only) or were treated with one of four different PI3K/Akt kinase inhibitors in the presence or absence of stress (SNP, 1 mM): the PI3K inhibitor wortmannin (100 nM), Akt inhibitor IV (200 nM), Akt inhibitor VIII (105 nM) or Miltefosine 5 μM. Viral supernatants were collected every 3 days for 12 days and supernatants were analyzed using the HIV-1 p24 EIA. Asterisks denote undetectable p24 levels. On day 12, YU2-infected macrophages were analyzed for cell viability using the live/dead assay. Viable cells are green; dead cells are red. Results are representative of 5 independent, triplicate experiments using cells obtained from multiple blood donors. BF: Bright field. Merge: overlay of red and green fluorescence. The average ± SD percentage of dead cells is also shown.

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Taken from "Akt inhibitors as an HIV-1 infected macrophage-specific anti-viral therapy"


Retrovirology 2008;5():11-11.

Published online 31 Jan 2008