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Aggregate graph of the models generated by exhaustive search on Fornara data set with 2 extra interactions.

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posted on 2017-09-20, 17:24 authored by Jean-Louis Dinh, Etienne Farcot, Charlie Hodgman

The nodes of the graph represent the species of the regulatory network, which are also nodes of the Boolean network models. Edges represent regulatory interactions between regulators and their targets. Arrowheads are placed on the side of the target species. V-, T- and O-shaped arrowheads respectively denote up-regulation, down-regulation, and interactions that can fall in either category, depending on the context and the model. Edge thicknesses and edge labels indicate the frequency of occurrence of the associated interactions, across all the models generated. Owing to the very large number of models obtained, a frequency displayed as 1.000 does not necessarily mean all models.