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Age-specific contact patterns by location.

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posted on 12.09.2017, 17:26 authored by Kiesha Prem, Alex R. Cook, Mark Jit

The age-specific contact patterns at home (panels a–c), at the workplace (panels d–f), in school (panels g–i) and at other locations (panels j–l) are projected from the model. The contact pattern at all locations (panels m–o) is the sum across the four locations (home, work, school and others). Contact matrices for Bolivia (DHS country; in panels b,e,h,k) and South Africa (ROW country; in panels c,f,i,l) were projected and the age-specific mean contact rates for Germany (part of the POLYMOD; in panels a,d,g,j) were estimated from the German contact data. A comparison between the German empirical and modelled estimates can be found in the S1 Text. Darker color intensities indicate higher proclivity of making the age-specific contact.