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Adhesion of OBA9 epithelial cells to PRP pre-incubated titanium surfaces.

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posted on 14.10.2016, 17:32 authored by Shiho Sugawara, Masahiko Maeno, Cliff Lee, Shigemi Nagai, David M. Kim, John Da Silva, Masazumi Nagai, Hisatomo Kondo

Adhered OBA9 cells were counted by nuclear DNA staining with Hoechst 33342. Each data point represents mean ± SD of three independent cultures. Kinetic adhesion was determined in the titanium that was pre-incubated with PRP from one representative donor (a). The adhesion assay was triplicated at 60 minutes with PRP from different donors (b). ** indicates a significant difference than control at the corresponding time point and in the corresponding donors (**p < 0.01). Supplemental data is published in