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Additional file 7: of The regulation of combined treatment-induced cell death with recombinant TRAIL and bortezomib through TRAIL signaling in TRAIL-resistant cells

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posted on 16.04.2018, 05:00 by Sunhyo Ryu, Yun Ahn, Chakeong Yoon, Jeong Chang, Yoonkyung Park, Tae-Hyoung Kim, Amanda Howland, Cheryl Armstrong, Peter Song, Ae Moon
Figure S7. Cell death was not regulated by the addition of SP600125 in ILz:rhTRAIL treated cells. (A) CT26 and B16F10 cell lysates were prepared following the ILz:rhTRAIL and/or bortezomib treatment. Immunoblotting analysis was performed using anti-JNK or anti-phosphorylated JNK antibodies: ILz:T, ILz:rhTRAIL; B, bortezomib; Z, z-VAD-fmk. (B) CT26 and B16F10 cells were cultured onto a 96 well-plate and treated with ILz:rhTRAIL and/or bortezomib with or without SP600125 pre-treatment (1μg/ml) for 3 h: T, ILz:rhTRAIL (100 ng/ml); B, bortezomib (100 nM); SP, SP600125. After 24 h of ILz:rhTRAIL and/or bortezomib treatment, XTT assay was performed. *p < 0.05 by Student’s t-test. (C) The morphology of ILz:rhTRAIL and/or bortezomib treated B16F10 cells was observed microscopically after 24 h: ILz:T, ILz:rhTRAIL; B, bortezomib; SP, SP600125. (TIFF 464 kb)


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