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Additional file 6 of Genomic profiling of colorectal cancer with isolated lung metastasis

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posted on 02.07.2020, 05:02 by Nan Zhang, Jiabo Di, Zaozao Wang, Pin Gao, Beihai Jiang, Xiangqian Su
Additional file 6: Figure S1. Recurrent CNA and affected pathway analyses for the five CRC patients with LM. (A) Distribution of GISTIC regions in CRC as reported by TCGA. The colors represent copy number gain (red) and loss (blue). (B) KEGG significant enrichment analysis for high-risk genes localized in recurrent CNA regions. High-risk genes are defined as genes documented in KEGG pathways in cancer. The enrichment score indicated that the percentages of high-risk genes belonged to the corresponding pathway. The left y-axis represents the 11 enriched pathways. Bubble sizes indicate the number of high-risk genes in the corresponding pathway, and bubble colors represent the enrichment P value.


Beijing Natural Science Foundation National Natural Science Foundation of China Capital’s Funds for Health Improvement and Research